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  • Interpretation, Tradition and Conflict. The Conceptions of Muslim Legacy and Generational Change 1940 to the Twentyfirst Century. Professor Catharina Raudvere
  • The Margins of European Identity Politics: The Republic of Moldova in Orthodox Geopolitics. Christoffer Størup
  • Greek Literature between Ottoman Heritage and European Orientation, and postdoc. Trine Stauning Willert , postdoctoral researcher
  • Theories of Nationalism Applied to Modernization Processes in South-East Europe. Niels Reeh, postdoctoral researcher
  • “Greek” Young Turks. Mogens Pelt, Associate professor
  • An Elite with a Mission. Elite Formations and the Ottoman Public Sphere 1876–1918.  Abdullah Simsek, postdoctoral researcher
  • Yugoslav, Bosnian, Muslim or Sarajevan? Competing Forms of Identity in Sarajevo 1949–1984, Zlatko Jovanovic, postdoctoral researcher

Two conferences will be held (2013 and 2015) with specially invited international researchers, and the contributions will be published internationally as chapters in two related volumes.

The day-to-day work of the project will also include two Ph.D. candidates funded by the Faculty of Humanities: Selma B. Gundersen (Cultural Memory in the Segregated Educational System of Bosnia and Herzegovina. the Uses of History, Religion and Language in the Education of History Teachers) and Karin H. Christensen (Venerating the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia. The Cultural Memory of Soviet Religious Persecutions), who will also contribute to the perspectives and results of the project.