Research networks

Centre for Modern European Studies

The Many Roads in Modernity has established a long-term co-operation with two research groups at the Centre for Modern European Studies:

The Study of Islam as Lived Religion

“The Study of Islam as Lived Religion – an Interdisciplinary Network” is a Scandinavian network of researchers established in 2010 which aims to

  1. promote the production and dissemination of new knowledge about Islam as lived religion based on field-research methods, and
  2. to promote research collaboration between Scandinavian researchers.

The network operates through annual, ambulatory workshops to discuss individual research projects, to work on joint publications projects, and to establish contacts with locally-based Ph.D. candidates and researchers who want to discuss their work within the workshop’s topical framework. The network was initiated by Marianne Bøe and Ingvild Flaskerud.

Permanent members of the network


  1. Minoritetsretninger i islam” University of Bergen, 14 – 15 Oct. 2010
  2. Representing Islam: What is the Future of the Study of Islam?” University of Bergen, 22-24 Nov. 2011
  3. “Approaching Muslim Religiosity in Terms of Everyday Life: Benefits and Limitations”. Dansk Folkemindesamling, Det Kongelige Bibliotek, 8- 9 Nov. 2012.
  4. “Islamic texts: Contemporary Interpretation, Use and Relevance.” Lund University, 16-17 Jan. 2014
  5. “The Study of Theology in Islam as Lived Religion.” University of Oslo, 26 -27 October 2015
  6. “Muslim Oratory and Knowledge Production: New Arenas and Actors” to be hosted by Raudvere and Stjernholm in Copenhagen, 23-24 February 2017
  7. “Where’s Religion? Methodological Implications of the Study of Lived Religion” to be hosted by Bøe and Natvig in Bergen in the autumn of 2017
  8. Muslim Oratory and Knowledge Production: New Arenas and Actors, Copenhagen, 23 February 2017
  9. Generation, Transition, and Creativity, Copenhagen 15-16 March 2018.

The workshops have been funded by:

  • The University of Bergen
  • Fritt Ord (Norway)
  • Dansk Folkeminde-samling (Denmark)
  • Crafoordska Stiftelsen (Sweden)
  • University of Oslo
  • University of Copenhagen
  • The Carlberg Foundation

Publications based on discussions at workshops

Joint publication projects

Din. Tidsskrift for religion og kultur Temanummer: Minoritetsretninger i Islam.
Marianne Bøe and Ingvild Flaskerud (eds.) 2012. No. 1-2.

Individual publications with relation to themes of the network

Marianne Bøe

2015. Family Law in Contemporary Iran: Women’s Rights Activism and Shari’a. London: I.B. Tauris.

2012. Fornying og videreføring av midlertidig ekteskap i sjia-muslimske minoritets- og majoritetsposisjoner. DIN: Religionsvitenskapelig tidsskrift for religion og kultur. 1-2: 91-117.

Ingvild Flaskerud

Work in progress. “Muslim Youth in North-Europe doing Vernacular Street Theology”, in: The Study of Islam between University Theology and Lived Religion. Islamic theology in a Northern European university context. Eds: Ingvild Flaskerud and Oddbjørn Leirvik

In press. “The Quran as an Efficacious Text: Contemporary Iranian Twelver Shi´i Women Making the Quran Alive”, in: Approaches to the Quran in Contemporary Iran. Ed. Alessandro Cancian.  Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2016. “Ritual Creativity and Plurality. Denying Twelver Shia Blood-let Practices”, in The Ambivalence of Ritual. Eds. Ute Hüsken and Udo Simon. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2015, 117-143.

2012 “Ritualer som mikro-offentligheter.  Religions- og samfunnsdebatt i Iran”, DIN. Tidskrift for religion og kultur. No. 1-2, s. 118-142.Temanummer: Minoritetsretninger i Islam.

Richard Natvig

Forthcoming 2017. “Umm Gumyāna and the Zār”, in Essays in Honor of Richard Holton Pierce on His 80th Birthday, ed. by Eivind Heldaas Seland, Pål Steiner and Alexandros Tsakos, Archaeopress, Oxford.

2014. “‘I Saw the Prophet in My Dream’: Prophet Songs from a Zar Ceremony in Lower Egypt”, in British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 41 (2014), 3, 306-321.

2013. “Umm al-Ghulam: Zār Spirit or Half-Forgotten Saint? Making Sense of an Egyptian Zār Song”, in Folklore 124 (December 2013), 289-306.

2010. “Zar in Upper Egypt: Hans Alexander Winkler’s Field Notes from 1932”, in Islamic Africa 1 (2010): 11-30.

Marianne Holm Pedersen

Forthcoming. “Becoming Muslim in a Danish Provincial Town”, in Anna Sthran, Stephen G. Parker and Susan Ridgely (red.):  The Bloomsbury Reader in Religion and Childhood. London: Bloomsbury.

2015. “Islam in the family: The religious socialization of children in a Danish provincial town”, in Mark Sedgwick (red.): Making European Muslims: Religious socialization among young Muslims in Scandinavia and Western Europe. Routledge: New York, s. 21-38.

2014. “Den private religion: Fortolkninger af muslimske børns religiøse tilhørsforhold i en dansk folkeskole”, Tidsskrift for Islamforskning, vol 8, nr. 2, s. 57-76.

2012. “Shia-muslimske ritualer blandt irakiske kvinder i København”, DIN - tidsskrift for religion og kultur, nr. 1-2, s. 66-90.

Catarina Raudvere

In press. “After the War, before the Future. Remembrance and Public Representations of Atrocities in Sarajevo”, Muslim Pilgrimage in Europe (Ashgate Studies in Pilgrimage) ed. Ingvild Flaskerud and Richard Natvig. Farnham: Ashgate.

2016. “History as a Mirror and Places of Belonging. Some Remarks on Contested Memories and the Demands of the Past”, Contested Memories and the Demands of the Past: History Cultures in the Modern Muslim World (Islam and Nationalism in Europe and the Muslim World). Ed. Catharina Raudvere. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

2016. “Associations, Connections, Representatives. A Swedish Bosnian Muslim Community in a Transforming Urban Landscape”, Challenging Identities. European Horizons, (Advances in Sociology) ed. Peter Madsen. New York: Routledge.

2013. ”Women and Sufism. Contemporary Thought and Practice”, in Natana J. De-Long Bas (ed.) The Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Women. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2012. “Claiming Heritage, Renewing Authority. Sufi-orientated Activities in post-Communist Bosnia-Herzegovina”, European Journal of Turkish Studies, vol. 13:2-14.

2012. ”Tolkning, tradition och konflikt. Sufism som markör för nationell identitet och transnationell auktoritet i dagens Bosnien”, Din. Tidskrift för religion og kultur nr. 1-2, s. 9-26.

2012. ”Textual and Ritual Command.  Muslim Women as Keepers and Transmitters of Religious Knowledge in Contemporary Bosnia”. In Hilary Kalmbach and Masooda Banu(eds). Women, Leadership and Mosques: Changes in Contemporary Islamic Authority. Leiden: Brill. pp. 259-78. 

Simon Stjernholm

Work in progress. “Between Hegemony and Critique: Muslim Morning Services in Swedish Public Service Radio”, peer-reviewed journal article.

2015. ”The Centre of the Universe: Shaykh Nazim and His Murids in Lefke Cyprus”,  Journal of Muslims in Europe, vol 4, nr. 1, s. 38 – 57.

2012. “Nutida sufism och kampen om "traditionell islam"”, DIN - tidsskrift for religion og kultur, nr. 1-2, s. 46-65.