Generation, Transition, and Creativity

Annual meeting of the Scandinavia Network for the Study of Islam as Lived Religion

Thursday15 March 2018

10.30-12 public lecture, room 10.3.28 (3rd floor)

David Henig, University of Kent

Beyond Tolerance. Navigating the Landscapes of Beneficence in Postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina

12-13 lunch
Network seminar, room 10.4.05 (4th floor)

13.15 Welcome

13.30-14.15 Ingvild Flaskerud, Oslo

Why did God Create Dinosaurs? Teaching Islamic Ethics to Children.

14.15-14.30 coffee

14.30-15.15 Richard Natvig, Bergen

In the Best of Families. Zār in the Palaces in Ottoman Cairo

15.15-16.00 Catharina Raudvere, Copenhagen

Finders and Keepers. To Grasp Local reflection over Tradition and Transmission. A Short Bosnian Case.

Friday 16 March 2018

Network seminar continued, room 10.4.05 (4th floor)

10.00-10.45 Isa Blumi, Stockholm and Copenhagen

Albanians Becoming. Learning to be Muslims in a Western World

10.45-11.00 coffee

11.15-12.00 Maria Lindebæk Lyngsøe, Copenhagen

Embodying the Text. How Muslim Women Use and Learn the Recited Quran

12.00-12.45 Simon Stjernholm, Copenhagen

Genre, Creativity, and Multimodality in Swedish Muslim Religious Oratory

13.00-14.00 Brown bag lunch and planning for the next meeting